Indtaling NUC HassOS on other hardware?

Hi there.

Im about to migrate away from Rpi3b.

Im going for the NUC solution. However i bought an Asus PN40 (somewhat similar in appearance and specs to the NUC family).

I want to use the HW only for HA. For keeping things simple id prefer easy install and management.

Is it possible to install the NUC image to other HW or does it have strictly to be a NUC? -if yes i recon a Celeron j4005 will be sufficient?

I have tried trawling the internet and this forum for answers without result.

Ty in advance.

as long you install Debian and it run X68 then you should be ok… whatever your machine are.

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He wants to install HA OS not Debian and yes that should be fine.


So i should be able to install HA OS via the official NUC install on my Asus Unit?

I think so. Almost 100% sure they will work on any AMD64…

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Just worried it wont work as planned.

I still have the ability to return the Asus and get a real NUC. However it has lower specs.

I am just worried if the NUC HA OS is tailored towards the NUC HW platform and therefore will not work properly on the ASUS HW/Bios.

It will be fine…

If not then you will have another alternative like HA supervised version

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The HA OS 6.0 beta has a generic x86-amd64 image.

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Yeah I saw that and I think this will be the Nuc version going forwards but it’s a beta at the moment so not without risk. I don’t see a beta Nuc image there…

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Thank you.

It just worked like a charme!

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