Inductance problem

So I got this problem I have a esp 32 coupled to a dishwasher but the problem is when the moter turns on it make the esp 32 reset I put two inductors on it don’t really know where to go i can see the leds flash lightly on all the relays when the moter turns on I know if I unplug the dishwasher it has no problems with the relays or stability please help me my dishes are dirty. Lol

Motor is on same circuit as ESP? Motors basically short the supply and drain all current from circuit when it turns ON.

You can put a capacitor or maybe try UPS on ESP only, maybe that will help. Put ESP and motor on separate circuit may also help.

All this is guess. Diagram of what you got connected may help. I presume you wired things correctly but incorrect wiring could cause your issues also.

Alright I got home and this isn’t a schematic but you can see it better the 120v coming in goes to a

Then it goes to this rf choke board I got from somewhere it filters the power going in

Then to a 5v phone charger then finally to the heltec wifi 32v3 in a milked carton with some aluminum foil in it to try to stop more radio waves unfortunately this still won’t stop it