Inegrate Tellstick DUO


Can somebody help me how i integrate my Tellstick DUO to my system?
I have install the addon but i dont know how i set my units. Please, if you want to help me explain so i understand. im new on this.
I have a house with many (about 70 units) lights, sensors and switches. I only use Nexa system on my devices.

Hope somebody can help me.

Did you add the integration, then the actual devices?

Yes i think so…
I can se the “Example devices” on homepage. I try to change them in Supervisor>Tellstick>Settings.
After i restart but i get a fault message on the changed unit .

How should the code like be on the different devices? Switches, datasources, etc?

Here is my conf now.


  • id: 1
    name: Bedroom roof
    protocol: arctech
    model: selflearning-switch
    house: A
    unit: ‘1’
  • id: 2
    name: Example device two
    protocol: everflourish
    model: selflearning-switch
    house: A
    unit: ‘2’
  • id: 3
    name: Bedroom switch
    protocol: arctech
    model: selflearning-switch
    house: 366998
    unit: ‘1’

Now i have read a little more… I dont understand this…

How should my configuration.yaml look like?
Should i make more *.yaml files?
How should my Tellstick file look like?