Inetgration: waves and flags on the see


Looking for intergration to get information about the level of waves on some spain beaches and flags (if itsis allowed to swim - red, yello or green)
Is there any integrations about it?


is there any website that provides this information? If there is a website you can probably do some web scraping or if you are lucky they have an open API that you can use with a RESTful sensor.

You can find all integrations here.

I hope but i can not find it also((( Maybe someone knows…

I saw a website for Barcelona that shows a map with the flags, you need so search if something similar for your region exists.

If you could aim at least at this site it would be perfect. Because i can not find anything in any region(((

Sure, here you go:

Take a look here

Sorry I was thinking of

Thanks found is also!