Inexpensive fire alarm detection

Does anyone have a suggestion for an inexpensive fire alarm detection sensor. I’ve priced out buying the smart fire detectors with CO2 detection and with the amount I need to buy it just isn’t feasible.
The sensor would ideally have to be be small, battery powered, and some form of Wi-Fi/Z-Wave/Zigbee/Bluetooth. I’ve thought that just having a decibel sensor would work, but in daily life there may be some fairly loud noises that may trigger the sensor. So, it would need to also have a frequency sensor. This way both decibel and frequency would have to be in the range to trigger an automation. The sensor would have to be constantly listening (not something that you need to push a button to collect data).
Is there anything out there that can do this, or is there a better solution to this?

I know Wyze cams have “smart” smoke alarm detection and due to a recent incident at my home I know it works. But I don’t think there is a way to directly integrate those notifications into HASS. You could probably come up with a hacky way to do it by monitoring your Android/iPhone mobile notifications from Wyze with the Companion app, but I haven’t bothered because I have Nest Protects.


Do you happen to already have hardwired/interconnected detectors? If so, a Zooz ZEN55 would fit the bill. It just connects into the interconnect line to pickup the alarm signal.

There’s also smoke detector listeners that employ the same mechanic as the Wyze devices listed above. There’s a standard for the beeps a detector makes that the device listens for, so it’s a little more than just “loud noise” detection.


I have 4 of these and the great thing is, they tie into HA through an integration that is pretty solid, as well as offering a service through “Virtualarm” (third party service) - a human being will call the authorities if you do not answer whenthe sensors go off.