Inexpensive way to dim lights

I’m looking for a way to dim cheap aliexpress dimmable 220v leds with home assistant. I will have 50-200W combined behind one dimmer in different rooms. So far I’ve been thinking about using Fibaro Dimmer 2 but as I need 8 then it gets quite expensive. Does anyone know a better solution? What I need as minimum is to be able to switch and dim the lights with home assistant and also have a physical switch on the wall for simple on-off switching.

Hello vanalendur, I’m also to looking for alternatives. I was looking at using Belkin Wemo but they need a neutral wire, the other option is fibarao z-wave which seems to be the best but are also the most expensive.

What did you come up with?

Nah, bought some fibaros from amazon as I couldn’t find anything good enough for lower price. I got only a few for the “critical” lights so I’m still looking and if I find something I’ll post it here.

Hi! Has anyone tried anything? I’m buying 220V single-color LED strips and was looking for ways to dim them.