Inexplicable values for mobile_next_alarm

I’m using the companion app for android to turn on my bedroom lights as wake up light. It is being triggered by the mobile_next_alarm sensor.

It is working OK, the lights go on when my alarm goes on at 6:45 am. When finishing in the bedroom I tell Google to turn off the lights.
For some reason at 8 am the lights go on again. The logbook says the automation is being triggered by the mobile_next_alarm trigger. However, there is no alarm set at 8 am in my phone.

When checking the history of mobile_next_alarm there are a lot of values all over the day I don’t recognize in my phone alarm settings.

What is going wrong here and how can I solve this?
I already deleted the cache from the Companion app if for some reason old next_alarm settings are being stored over there.

This comes up in the forums on a regular basis, e.g. How to only get alarms in next_alarm sensor


  • Use the filtering in the sensor configuration on the app
  • Some manufacturers make life hard

Thnx! Apparently my search skills are…

I solved it with installing another alarm app and filtering in the sensor