InfluxDB entity_id field in measurement field?

Should the measurement field be a unit (like dollars, %, degrees, etc) or entity_id’s, or both!?

Just wondering if the measurements field is the intended location of entity_id’s? I’ve seen many images (like here, here, and here) where people have the entity_id after the WHERE selection and only the units in the measurement field. My influx config is pretty basic so I don’t think (and don’t hope) it’s a config issue.

  host: !secret influxdb_ip
  port: !secret influxdb_port
  username: !secret influxdb_user
  password: !secret influxdb_password
  database: home_assistant_production
  verify_ssl: false
  max_retries: 5

In Grafana?

The select measurement field is only units (or “state”) in my installation. Though I have only included entities I want to graph in the influxdb configuration to keep the database size under control. Text

If there is no “unit_of_measurement” for a sensor, the entity_id is set as the unit in Inflxdb.
So just ensure that all sensors you want to have meaningful graphs of in Grafana etc. have a “unit_of_measurement” set.
Even if they have a device_class which shows the correct unit in Lovelace, this is not used in the Influx-queries.