InfluxDB - external connection to extract data

Hi All,

Has any one been able to connect from a remote system to the Influx Add-on to export the data? I am looking to export the data into a CSV format but am unable to connect unsing the influx tool installed on my PC. I keep getting "unable to decode response content type “text/plain; charset=utf-8"” I have ssl off in the conflig and can load the Influx webUI from my network on port 8087, the server connection i am using is create --config-name local --host-url http://HA-Private-IP:8087 --active

Can anyone point me in the right direction ?

Home Assistant Community Add-on: InfluxDB.
Home Assistant Add-on: InfluxDB v2.
I assume you are using one of those?
Maybe asking the question there might give you an audience with more knowledge on the subject.

Thanks! will do :slight_smile:

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