InfluxDB + Grafana

I have Hassio running in Docker in Ubuntu.

I tried to get Influx and Grafana installed in Docker, but It does not work according the instructions I follow, I get some errors. Thoght I´ll try the Hassio Add-ons instead, as I need a GUI to to understand what is going on :sweat_smile:

Should I remove them from the docker first, to avoid problems?

Grafana in Docker

InfluxDB in Docker

I did all according these videos, but I got errors on some commands.

EDIT: Tried again today, and was now able to complete InfluxDB. There was main issue with the code:

docker exec -it influxdb /bin/bash

I had to write sudo and Influx instead of influx

sudo docker exec -it Influxdb /bin/bash


I was also not able to edit the configuration.yaml file in linux terminal, as a blank file opened. Instead I did it inside HA.

Now Grafana!

I get an error with the first command

started console again, and got it working now