InfluxDB - how long will it record data


I just moved over to InfluxDB and hope to start using Grafana for dashboard, it is my understanding that InfuxDB is a time-series database. But it is not clear to me how long (1 week, 1 month or so on) would this data be stored.

And I cannot see any mention of default value at the integration page - InfluxDB - Home Assistant

Any pointers will be appreciated?

Data is stored indefinitely.

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Then theoretically wouldn’t the HA machine run out of storage space?

Unless of course I am being my usual self and missing something very obvious :grinning:

you’ll have to handle that…

Here’s an older article but unless im missing something - still valid. (spoiler - search for retention policy near the end of the article)
InfluxDB with Home Assistant – Sean’s Technical Ramblings (

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Seems like if you go to InfluxDB admin tab in the UI, the databases have an edit button for the retention policy which can be set to any desired time value :sunglasses:


Hello everyone ! Trying to change the storage time but nothing works.

! Please, tell me what to do.

Try this setting, it is working for me.


unfortunately, the trick didn’t work

@ExUser44 It may seem trivial but the “d” is important, you need to enter “730d” not 730.

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Thank you very much ! As we say: “i didn’t see the elephant”
This is my first experience with databases.