Influxdb - ignore_attributes


It will be really useful to have “all” option for ignore_attributes of InfluxDB configuration - listing all the attributes for like 3k entities…kinda not optimal

InfluxDB integration has “include” and “exclude” options for entities, but only “ignore_attributes” option for attributes. It doesn’t allow neither to exclude all of the attributes from reporting to InfluxDB nor to include only the important attributes to reporting the same way as with entities.
It is inconsistent behaviour unlike, for example, “history” or “recorder” integration.
Please, add “include_attributes” and “ignore_attributes:all” options. It is very critical especially for influxdb integration since configuration can have hundreds of string attributes: 1) there is no standard way to collect the list of all existed attributes, 2) the list of attributes is not fixed even for fixed list of entities, 3) attributes report huge amount of data what increases influx database very rapidly.


That does seem to make sense. I’m currently trying to identify which attributes are recorded so I can exclude them.
I only want to record entity values, nothing more.


I completely agree!

Agree - I’m just moving over from OpenHAB and suddenly my influxdb is full of strings! I’m only interested in the values.