InfluxDB in Grafana: Bad Request


I just followed this guide to configure influxDB, Grafana and Glances. However, i get another end result; When i look at the Grafana dashboard, there is no data at all. When i hover over one of the errors in the dashboard, it says: “InfluxDB Error: Bad Request”

I don’t know what the error means or how to fix it. I can see the data is going from HomeAssistant into influxDB, so i guess the error is somewhere between influxDB and Grafana.

InfluxDB section of configuration.yaml:

host: a0d7b954-influxdb
port: 8086
database: homeassistant
username: homeassistant
password: LhqWoBxDd2D24Pz9d98F
max_retries: 3
default_measurement: state

In InfluxDB i got a database configured (homeassistant) for the Home Assistant data and a dedicated user as well, with admin rights, just to be sure.

Grafana data source configuration:
URL: http://a0d7b954-influxdb:8086
Database: homeassistant
User: grafana
Password: xxx

Other than that i run duckDNS and NGINX.
When searching for a solution to this problem, i found that some others are also experiencing issues with a setup like mine, but i’m not sure why that would be, since all the traffic between the addons is internal… right? That’s also why i disabled ssl.

I don’t know much about these specifically, but generally you might want to make sure port 8086 is not used by any other addon, and if it is change it to a port that is not being used in influx and the Grafana login.