InfluxDB Keeps Running Out of Memory

I’ve noticed influxdb starts running out of memory if HA has been running for a few days. My retention was set to 90 days. I still have plenty of memory/CPU on the host machine and am not sure where to start to help the process out. I’m currently feeding the VM 8GB of RAM and 2 processors. Think there’s a problem with InfluxDB (mem leak) or do I just need to up my VM’s RAM allocation? Is there something I need to do to up InfluxDB’s access to that RAM?


I’m having the same issue. Something to do with cardinality but I haven’t found exact instructions for reducing cardinality of Influx in HA.

Did you figure something out?

I never did figure it out. Realized I wasn’t using influxdb very much, so I uninstalled the add-on. Sorry I couldn’t be more help!