InfluxDB missing sensor data from MQTT


I’ve been struggling since a while attempting to resolve the issue around partially missing sensor data. I have heating valves (ZigBee) and the payload is received in full.

Historic device data also seems complete

However, neither in InfluxDB nor Grafana (apparently) any data about current temperature seems to be reported.

Temperature Calibration is reported (likely because it’s defined locally in HA)

Searching for the device ID " 0x84ba20fffe9a617a" instead of the friendly name did not yield any data. I suspected an issue with the letter “ü” which is automatically changed to “u” but other devices without special characters display the same issues.

The payload for the bath thermostat is as follows but here again only two sensor data points are available in InfluxDB where the actual temperature has no values.
Zigbee2MQTT:info 2023-02-06 09:59:46: MQTT publish: topic 'zigbee2mqtt/Bad Heizung', payload '{"anti_scaling":"OFF","battery_low":false,"child_lock":"UNLOCK","current_heating_setpoint":25,"device":{"applicationVersion":65,"dateCode":"","friendlyName":"Bad Heizung","hardwareVersion":1,"ieeeAddr":"0x84ba20fffe9a646a","manufacturerID":4098,"manufacturerName":"_TZE200_bvu2wnxz","model":"ME167","networkAddress":51563,"powerSource":"Battery","stackVersion":0,"type":"EndDevice","zclVersion":3},"frost_guard":"OFF","last_seen":"2023-02-06T09:59:46+01:00","linkquality":21,"local_temperature":20,"local_temperature_calibration":0,"running_state":"heat","system_mode":"heat"}'

I hope anyone could guide me to find and resolve my mistake.

Many thanks in advance