Influxdb - Pre-organizing Content

Wondering if there is any way to have homeassistant do a better job of pre-organizing export data to influxdb-- essentially putting it in more of a common time-series format rather than an sql format.

An example is that each “record” actually consists of four records, where _value is device_class_str, state_class_str, unit_of_measurement_str and value.

This makes working with the data require pivoting information first so you have fields like _units, state_class, device_class, and _value is limited to the original value to create meaningful visualizations.

Is there any way to natively control the output from within homeassistant? I know that either way I will need to down-sample information into a second bucket with a longer retention policy, but it would be nice if the real-time data was natively more functional.

…or, and I looking at this in completely the wrong way?


  api_version: 2
  ssl: false
  token: !secret influxdb_token
  organization: !secret influxdb_org
  host: !secret influxdb_host
  port: 8086
  bucket: Hassbucket
  precision: s
  measurement_attr: entity_id
    source: HA
     - friendly_name
#  default_measurement: units
#  exclude:
#    entities:
##      - zone.home
#    domains:
#      - persistent_notification
#      - person
#    domains:
#      - sensor
#      - binary_sensor
#      - sun
#    entities:
#      - weather.home
      - "*_energy_power"
      - "*_emergy_today"
      - "*"