InfluxDB - problem ins accessing to the CLi to set retention policies

Hi all

I’ve been a “quite basic” user of Home Assistant since a coouple of years.
HA is installed on an Intel Nuc by using docker containers.

In these weeks finally I have some spare time so I try to improve my installation.

I’d like to correctly set the system in order to store the data from my sensors (internal/external temparatura, power consuptins of different devices and so on ) in order to get stats and comparisons.

I managed to correctly install InfluxDB and connecting it to Home assistant. I can see data flowing.
At the moment the data retention policy is set to infinite, but I don’t want the database will grow up too much.

So, according to all the guides I found, I should access to Influx CLI.

The problem is that it seems I write the command in the wrong way, I can not access so I can not try to improve the setting of database.

The docker id of influxdb has this id: 0840bbd00235

so the command should be:

docker exec -it 0840bbd00235 influxdb -precision rfc3339 -username 'influxdb_username' -password 'influxdb_password' -database 'homeassistant'

Am I wrong?
A very big thak to anybody that could help me in finding the correct way :slight_smile: