Influxdb system logs

Anyone tried to push the system logs to influxdb ?
I like the Log viewer interface here but is not populated by default and I didn’t find a clear solution.
What I have is listen to system_log_events and send post requests with the data or try with telegraf and syslog plugin.

Did you ever get anywhere on this?

switched from hassio to home assistant in docker running on raspbian and made a py script for that

Any chance you might be willing to share the script? I just finished setting up TICK on a separate Unraid server and wanted to try to start getting logs into Telegraf, but am not too familiar syslog outside of just setting up rsyslog, which worked out of the box.

I would love to look over the script just to see the types of things you had to do and how you did them.

my card got corrupted last month but now i am rebuilding the config and also adding ssl to it
Found out that this image will do the trick, it has multiple inputs including one for monitoring docker containers.
I am in the process of updating my compose file so if you have a little patience you can find a working file here.