InfluxDB wear on Home Assistant Green flash storage?

I just got a Home Assistant Green a couple of days ago and have InfluxDB and Grafana installed on it.
Since the HA Green only has 32GB of flash storage and HA is infamous for destroying SD cards on raspberry pi’s I was wondering how bad you guys think it is for the HA Green?

I wrote to Nabu Casa and they recommended checking with the community so here I am.

I’ve pasted the response from Nabu Casa below.

"Because the Green is using eMMC and not an SD card, it will be more resilient and reliable when compared to using an SD card on a Pi. I don’t think there would be an immediate concern running the add-ons on the Green.

That said, while eMMC is more reliable than SD, is not immune to wear. If it is an option for you, I would recommend to run InfluxDB on a separate device as it is meant for storage of long-term data. You would minimize the risk of wear to the Home Assistant Green’s internal storage but also have scalability and potentially better performance, as InfluxDB can be resource-intensive.

But everyone has their own opinions on this. It might be good to check in with the community at the forums or in the #general channel in our HA Discord to get other’s input and experience, as I don’t personally use Influxdb or Grafana."

I was using a proper A1 rated class with adequate recorder commit_interval for around 3 years on a raspberry 3 including influxdb and grafana. The sd card is still working today (not for ha anymore because I switched to a x86-64 hardware as ha server).

The killer of all flash (if it is sd cards, usb sticks, eMMC, NAND, etc.) is mostly the write amplifcation. Good SSDs normally have a special set of flash cells which can be re-written much more often than the ordinary cells (often only 500-2000 writes life cycle) that work kind as a RAM and allow very efficient use of the cells (almost without write amplification). I don’t think eMMC offer such techniques and all they do is some wear leveling which helps to “wear off” the cells at the same level but doesn’t help with write amplification (which causes quick death to flash cells) at all.