InfluxDB with Grafana on SD card?


I installed the above database on my Raspberry with an SD card.
Now I’ve read that the SD card won’t last long because the many accesses aren’t good for an SD card.
What is your experience?

Greeting Werner

Fact. SD cards while better than they were even 5 years ago will wear out. They weren’t designed for long term fast rewrites. The card wears out.

Run HA on a pi, you’ll get anywhere from 1-2 years depending on quality of card and how busy your installation is.

Run a database on an SD card. The SD WILL eventually fail. It’s not If, it’s when. The variable is how long it takes and that’s inversely proportional to how active your DB is.

So you can do it. But backup your work and plan accordingly.


Thanks for the answer.
I hope I understand the translation correctly.

So you wouldn’t generally advise against it, nor would it be that the card is very likely to break every few months?

However, there is an increased risk.


Of course, I make backups regularly and also have a spare card that I can use in the event of a defect.

Are there cards that are particularly good for HA?

Greeting Werner