Info about esp32-s3 local voice assistant

Hi all,
i’m very happy with the latest release of HA focused on voice!
In the last 2023.5 release the dev speak about ESPHome powered voice assistant using the M5STACK Atom Echo.

I’ll would give it i try but it seems to be not available ATM.

I bought a Espressif ESP32-S3-BOX and i wish to use instead of atom echo!

Is that posible?

I’ve not skill about board programming but i can learn (i’m a network/system admin, not a developer!)

DO you think that this box can be used for fully local voice assistant for HA, with hotword revognition (so no phisical or virtual button to press for iteration)?

Any help is appreciated (i don’t even have the box, it will arrive next week!)


Hotword detection is pretty demanding to do and with a raspi and Rhasspy I could not get a decent detection until I used at least a Raspi3, so I would not get my hopes up.

I also have a box arriving next week have a look at GitHub - toverainc/willow: Open source, local, and self-hosted Amazon Echo/Google Home competitive Voice Assistant alternative

wow thanks!
looks interesting, i’ll give it a try ASAP!
if you give it a try please let me know!, you can contact me even on discord or iin official channel of HA .
my username is Gersio#9094