Info needed

Does someone know when the new Google Assistant component will be released ?

Because, i never been able to configure the component. I know theres a step by step online but i cant make it work.

As far as I know the setup of the current google assistant is not a temp one.
it is a bit of work to be done, but it should work. When does it fail? What error message(s) do you get (if any)?

I don’t understand all the step on the google side. Some key are not provide, I need to generate some ?
That’s not all transparent to me all theses steps.

yes you need to generate them. If you’re on linux, the command is provided:
cat /dev/urandom | fold -w 120 | head -n 1 | base64 -w 0 | tr -dc '0-9A-Za-z' | cut -c -80

if you’re not on linux, use this website to generate a random string:
Select a-zA-Z0-9 mixed case and 120 length.
You’ll need 2 strings, one for client_id and one for access_token

Hope this makes more sense

Thank you, i’ll try that !

i keep receive this :

Your submission of version 1 was denied for the following reason:
English - en
Your OAuth URL can not contain any URL parameters.

Looks like you made a mistake in the author url on your developer api config. You may want to review this.
Make sure the url in your json file doesn’t contain parameters (so no “?anything”)
Maybe your version doesn’t need the “?api_password=[YOUR API PASSWORD])” on step 3. Try without

So i need to write it like it :
https://[YOUR HOME ASSISTANT URL]/api/google_assistant/auth?api_password=[YOUR API PASSWORD]

with my url:port and my password. ( I use duck DNS and I have a api password ).
But should I remove the ? from the URL ? : authapi_password=MY_PASS ?

I’m just trying to guess based on the error message you provided:
Your OAuth URL can not contain any URL parameters.
so it looks like you might have added extra parameters somewhere that google doesn’t like.
As far as I know you don’t need to add a port, you just need to set your URL to start with HTTPS (which will by default use port 443). Unless you have your HTTPS using a different port?
When exactly do you get that message? Which step are you at on the setup instructions?

When the app need to be aproved by google.

But this line “https:…” is it the same i have to provide on the json file and the auth URL on the Google approved page ?

no, the json file doesn’t have arguments/parameters, the oAuth url does. (though the first part of the URL is the same truly)

Okay so on the JSON file i need to add the port ( 8123 for me ) but not the API password, and on the Google Action Website, I don’t write the port number but I enter the API password ? Wright ?

still not sure you should add the port in the json file.
Check this page that explains how to set up SSL:

if you follow this “to the letter” you won’t need to add the port. At least I did not need it myself, guess it will depend on your router.

Its wrote here…

Do you speak french laurent ?

I do, I’m at work now but if you come on discord tonight we can go through this together. My discord user is lolouk44#7180

I’m available on discord now if you want Paul