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I recently became a maker and having fun with all of these IOT devices. And now that I have Home Assistant up and running connecting my sonoff devices, tuya, google homes, chromecast, and custom tasmota esp8266 projects, I am wanting to contribute also.

I am a Wireless Engineer by trade but for the last 4 years ran the Airheads Community for Aruba Hewlett-Packard Enterprise. I grew that community from 20K users to over 60K. Because I enjoyed the tech and loved managing a community,

Who is the community, manager? What is the platform you guys are using? Iā€™d like to chat with someone if possible about a few ideas I have to help this already thriving community.

Passionate and ready to help this grow in the ways I can.

This should give you a good intro:

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github for code and issues.

you are here for the forum.

discord for online chat.

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