Infrared wifi panel heaters - Problem


after updating HA and Tuya, I can no longer control my heating via HA.
I tested Tuy, Tuya v2 and local Tuya - nothing works.
In the Smart Life app, everything goes without any problems.
My LED strips work with app and HA.

It is an infrared wall heater with WiFi.
Temperature range is 5 - 40 C
Sensor with current room temperature is integrated.
Device and only one entity “climate.basement” is available.


  • I can’t turn it on/off
  • I don’t see the current temperature

Developer Tool:
State attributes (YAML, optional)

hvac_modes: []
min_temp: 5
max_temp: 40
target_temp_step: 1
current_temperature: null
temperature: 25
current_humidity: 0
friendly_name: Basement
supported_features: 1

Need help - ideas…

I’m having basically the same problem with a new install of Tuya v2.


I have fixed my problem.
I use two Integration and now works fine.
For climate - HCAS - “Tuya Local”
For light - HCAS “LocalTuya”


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