Inim Alarm

Hi all.
I would like to know if anyone are able to integrate the Inim alarm (cloud or not) in to Home Assistant.
Thank you!

I too want to know it

+1 I’d like to integrate inim too

Are there any news? Thanks

I’m also waiting for this integration.
I prefer Inimcloud integration. Thanks.

If I can access my inim smartliving alarm through the web inteface or app,what options are there to control the zones and arm/disarm/stay features.Which driver would work?

÷1 forse inim integration

This is the reply I got from Inim.

The SmartLiving control unit allows integration with KNX (via external Gateway) or ModBUS. On request and after signing a confidentiality agreement we are able to send SDKs for integration with third-party systems.

The Prime control unit, on the other hand, integrates the management of KNX group addresses and the Modbus is already present in the control unit firmware. Management and integration is possible using API http or, even in this case after signing a confidentiality agreement, we will send a dll that will allow it to be integrated with external devices.

Anyone here with KNX or ModBUS experience?

I see Node Red had Modbus Integration.

Have there been any new developments?

I suppose that SmartLan/G (or PrimeLAN for Prime control panels) interface is needed

Hi Andrea,
Giving up on the idea that the INIM / HA link will ever get off the ground so I am going to interface my current INIM alarm panel and wired sensors with this method “” . Less hassles and home assistant can control it.

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I found a RS232 to TCP converter. Hooked it up to a SmartLiving alarm hoping to be able to ‘read’ states but can’t seem to get it working. I have 0 knowledge regarding serial communications…

Anyone that can recommend other settings to be used with Inim panels?
I used:

Baudrate: 57600 bps
Data: 8 bits
Paelty: even
Stop bits: 1

I get this error but have no clue what it means:

"TypeError: Cannot create property 'fc' on number '1589191006915'"

Did someone ask already for the SDK? Difficulty of course is the confidentiality agreement I guess…

I still don’t have the alarm. BTW a friend of mine that is an istaller of inim alarms told me it eill have also ifttt integration.

I asked for it but didn’t manage to get the confidentiality agreement…

Does anyone know if with the SmartLAN G or Si, it’s possible to expose individual sensors ?

Konnected, I would say is the easiest way imo.
If INIM won’t give you access to the info or sdk’s, give up and follow the next best route.

Did you manage to convert the INIM alarm to Konnected?

Thinking about doing the same thing. Just need to figure out how to exactly do it as I have a FLEX5/U panel on every floor. Probably I’ll need a Konnected panel on every floor.

Also, is it possible to use the original INIM siren? Had a look and seems that my siren constantly gets 12V. The noise starts when the 12V is disconnected.

I’m also trying to integrate a Inim Alarm with Home Assistant or Knx.
I’m not doing it. Has anyone done it, or made any progress?

I guess the https api would be the easiest way with some command line sensor, but I can’t find anywhere a paper with the api. I have a smartlan-g and it should be easy to implement