Init configration with Alexa

I’m new to Home Assistant, and I have configured the Raspbeiam (Pi3) with Home Assistant (from the Raspberry Pi All-in-One)

The installation was complete. and I can access my home assistant by http://mydns:8123.

Therefore, I assume that my preliminary installation and configuration should be done.

However, when I try to follow the “Alexa setup guidelines”, it failed.

I believe that I add the skill in Amazon, but it requires the connection to secure address, so I put https://mydns:8123/api/alexa?api_password=YOUR_API_PASSWORD

It seem that it never able to connect to the Home Assistant (Pi), may I know if I miss anything? or what I can do please?

Thanks in advance for the help!

Have you actually set up SSL and obtained a certificate following the instructions here?

I didn’t setup the TLS/SSL yet, let me try to the Let’s Encrypt first.

Thanks a lot for the suggestion!

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Yeah; HA doesn’t have SSL built in - everyone has their own cert. You’re on the all in on install so the link I sent you to should be the right one; it’s the same one I used to set mine up initially.

It can be daunting but that tutorial helps. Let me know if you run into issues; I’m not an expert but if I don’t know it I can usually find a good thread or Googled resource! :slight_smile:

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