Inital Install Pi 3B+ HAO Image Not Booting

Greetings All,

I have downloaded the Home Assistant Pi 3B+ image, written it to a 16GB SD card from a UBUNTU Desktop computer using the dd command. I plugged the SD card into the Pi 3B+ with keyboard, mouse, monitor, Ethernet, and a USB WiFi dongle connected, and applied power from an USB power supply that works with the Pi 3B+. The monitor comes up with a gray background. The red LED status light is illuminated, but I see no green drive activity indicated.

I found one post similar to this, but the conclusion in that post was that the two Pi 3B+ images (one 32 bit, the other 64 bit) were both of FAT format, not FAT32. The posts also indicated that the Pi 3B+ won’t boot FAT formatted SD cards.

I did try to run the Pi 4B+ image, as well, but with that image the green activity light is on continuously, with no screen illumination observed on the monitor.

How does one get the attention of the developers to resolve this issue? I can get UBUNTU 22.04 to run on this Pi 3B+ , so I know the board can boot up and fully install the UBUNTU image.

Is there a better place to lodge a problem report that will get the attention of the maintainers?

Thank you, in advance, for your attention and suggestion of solution(s)!

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Sure you extracted the .img before? If its zipped… of course this does not work…

Note: the dd command does not care about any filesystem, as it will create the filesystem on the SD card which is in the .img file. Can be FAT, can be EXT4, btrfs, …

After dd is done (do a “sync”) to check if really everything was written to the SDCard. Further try to remove and attach the SDCard again to your laptop or external Card Reader and check what you see.

Im not aware about this setup. But usually you should have at least two partitions. One with /boot and the other for /