Initial configuration problems

I’m trying to setup home assistant for the first time. What I want:

  1. Configuration files are stored in repo.
  2. Docker compose with additional Dockerfile to perform some manipulation (like to copy my config).
  3. Docker volume for database to keep data between builds.


  1. If I configure docker volume then my config is not applied. I expect I need to dig into docker volumes stuff to clear it out.
  2. I have strange log “Upgrading configuration directory from 0.7.7 to 0.110.1” that I guess could lead to some missed settings. For now I found that during setup I asked for home zone while documentation says that it shouldn’t since I have at least one zone defined in configs.
  3. I can’t find an example how to configure areas in yaml.

After all investigations I’m curious if it is possible to configure whole system thru web UI and export configs for later import? I checked config files after modifications and I didn’t find any changes there.

The standard docker run command documented in the instructions has a volume (-v) parameter which preserves all config and data.

Thanks for reply but my question is about configuration - is it possible to export manually configured setup to collection of yaml files?

No, a great deal of the set up is under config/.storage and is in json format.