Initial setup of wifi and access

ok, I made thee plunge. Checking out the HA.
Ive also checked out some others but decided from the video reviews and such, to give it a shot…
I’m Running on linux-mint
fairy versed on computers… (started learning back in the days when I had to save my work on audio cassette tapes. LOL)
my Pi is a 3B
I installed and checked out Webthings from the Moz guys. It’s “ok” but saw some points given about HA that i liked and it piqued my interest.

That info given…
I have to say the ever changing updates are making it hard to get the right info.
Starting right off the bat, with wifi set up on the pi installation. There is no “boot” disk/partition shown, to create CONFIG/network/my-network
and the whole “make files”, cut-paste is a tad complex for the average person…
You even find several different addresses listed to type in to access the HA.

I tried working around it… even tried accessing the pi directly command line style… hmm… but limited and non standard OS/commands… bleah.

I humbly suggest a page from the webthings guys… their startup is so far the easiest… it turns the pi into a hotspot at first, and with your phone, you connect to it… it pulls you straight into wifi config… to give it access… then you’re done. then go in through the browser.

I know…other peoples ideas… but the goals and methods are the same… open source … privacy… non commercial stuff…

anyhow… am not in a hurry… dont want to bug people for help… will try it out again in a bit and see if installation is easier. this was more a feedback from someone off the street.

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