Initial steps

I am a new user and trying to understand Hassio. After completing the setup, UI displays three components on the screen UNK was one of them, what is the config place to edit this?

How can I link my Life360 to this UNK user?

What does this mean?

i think he means one of the badges display unknown but is cutoff to just UNK

Then you just go to configuration, integrations, and add an integration for life360?

Sorry for not clear while posting the initial post, I am looking at linking Sathish’s Life360 account to this UNK badge. Issue is, system is taking Life360 as a new person.

After linking Life360 account


as @aidbish pointed out, the “UNK” badge appears to have a state of UNKNOWN. What integration or component is that picked up from? Why not use a PERSON and attach your device trackers for that person to the PERSON? You can’t really take one and merge it with another if you indeed have different device trackers.

This is basically why the PERSON option was created.