Initiate OptionsFlowHandler from ConfigFlowHandler

I would like to be able to call the OptionsFlowHandler at the end of the ConfigFlowHandler so that the user can go through all of the options without the less obvious step of clicking the CONFIGURE button after completing the initial configuration.

It would also be helpful to allow the ConfigFlowHandler to be initiated from the OptionsFlowHandler. In my integration (person_location), the user can go to /config/integrations, click + ADD INTEGRATION, find the integration, and click it to update the settings, but that isn’t very obvious to a new user.

As an example, I see in the MQTT integration that in /config/integrations you can click CONFIGURE and it presents a dialog that has a RE-CONFIGURE button on it. (I haven’t been able to find in the code where this happens.) How do you initiate that dialog and/or call the ConfigFlowHandler?