Initiate Voip call from home assistant

I have a idea/feature request. It would be nifty if our self hosted home assistant instance can initiate a VOIP call to the companion app. It would then use the whisper/piper integration to ‘talk to’ us.

This could be useful as a new kind of notification. One use case that I can think of would be if everyone leaves home but you forgot to arm the alarm or turn off the AC. Home assistant can call you to ask if it should turn them off. Unlike a traditional ‘push’ notification - this will allow users who are (potentially?) driving to safely use their handsfree to respond using speech.

Similar can be said if its possible to do the reverse - make a call from the built in ‘dialer’ to home assistant and ask it to do something.

I think this should go in the feature request section of the forums so people can vote for it. I have also been looking for voip call notifications so I would vote for it.

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Sure - i have updated/moved this to the feature request category

Try the addon that already exists [New Addon] DSS VoIP Notifier: Hassio makes phone calls to you! ☎️

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I saw that but I am running a core install. Did you have any luck running the docker container on its own?

Correct me if i am wrong - this integration that you have shared makes a VoIP call using a traditional VoIP service.

I was thinking a mobile app based VoIP call like FaceTime, WhatsApp. This would remove the need to pay for a SIP VoIP service.