Inkbird BBQ4T Local Control

I got this done last night. Big thanks to @kcraig73 for your awesome work!

In case others run into trouble compiling (I’m a ESPhome n00blet as well) with errors about home assistant time, and bitset not being part of the std lib, I had to allow ESPhome to craft the API and crypto bits and make sure that portion was in my yaml config. I also did DigiBlur’s Wyse outdoor smart outlet last night which worked without the crypto and HA API stuff.

My plan for this evening is to leverage my newfound bbq4T temps with NodeRed to control my inexpensive MasterBuilt smoker using the Wyse outlet relay.

Going to transplant an esp32 12f onto my iBBQ-4BW in place of the WBR3 tuya chip and report back, I’m sure the ESPhome code should be similar - maybe just some different pins etc. Down the rabbit hole I go!

Woohoo it works with the iBBQ-4BW with the transplanted esp32-c3-12f. All I did so far was change the UART pins from (GPIO20 & 21) on the code from @demitrix, Thanks Bob for the info and mapping - still have to look at mine as I am sure there are some differences but so far I’ve checked and the F/C temp toggle works and the probe temp and numbers are correct on display and in HA updated fast!

Excuse the quick soldering job theres a few points with more than enough goob on em’!