Inkbird ibs-p01b, temp readings

Hi, I’m trying to incorporate and Inkbird ibs-p01b in my HA via esphome. Unfortunately it isn’t supported yet via esphome and i have troubles extracting the temperature via the ble tracker hub.

When i run:

    - mac_address: 11:22:33:44:55:66
        - lambda: |-
            ESP_LOGD("ble_adv", "New BLE device");
            ESP_LOGD("ble_adv", "  address: %s", x.address_str().c_str());
            ESP_LOGD("ble_adv", "  name: %s", x.get_name().c_str());
            ESP_LOGD("ble_adv", "  Advertised service UUIDs:");
            for (auto uuid : x.get_service_uuids()) {
                ESP_LOGD("ble_adv", "    - %s", uuid.to_string().c_str());
            ESP_LOGD("ble_adv", "  Advertised service data:");
            for (auto data : x.get_service_datas()) {
                ESP_LOGD("ble_adv", "    - %s: (length %i)", data.uuid.to_string().c_str(),;
            ESP_LOGD("ble_adv", "  Advertised manufacturer data:");
            for (auto data : x.get_manufacturer_datas()) {
                ESP_LOGD("ble_adv", "    - %s: (length %i)", data.uuid.to_string().c_str(),;

I do get a temperature reading:
[15:14:26][D][ble_adv:036]: New BLE device
[15:14:26][D][ble_adv:037]: address: 49:42:01:00:18:14
[15:14:26][D][ble_adv:038]: name: tps
[15:14:26][D][ble_adv:039]: Advertised service UUIDs:
[15:14:26][D][ble_adv:041]: - 0xFFF0
[15:14:26][D][ble_adv:043]: Advertised service data:
[15:14:26][D][ble_adv:047]: Advertised manufacturer data:
[15:14:26][D][ble_adv:049]: - 0x08F6: (length 7)

The 08F6 is the current temperature, but i’m not able to extract it and place it into a sensor. I did try the method described at ESP32 Bluetooth Low Energy Tracker Hub — ESPHome but when i incorporate FFF0 as manufacturer id, the sensor remains unknown.

This is what i get with ble_client:

[10:25:32][D][ble_client:045]: Found device at MAC address [49:42:01:00:18:14]
[10:25:32][I][ble_client:083]: Attempting BLE connection to 49:42:01:00:18:14
[10:25:34][I][ble_client:159]: Service UUID: 0x1800
[10:25:34][I][ble_client:160]:   start_handle: 0x1  end_handle: 0x7
[10:25:34][I][ble_client:339]:  characteristic 0x2A00, handle 0x3, properties 0x2
[10:25:34][I][ble_client:339]:  characteristic 0x2A01, handle 0x5, properties 0x2
[10:25:34][I][ble_client:339]:  characteristic 0x2A04, handle 0x7, properties 0x2
[10:25:34][I][ble_client:159]: Service UUID: 0x1801
[10:25:34][I][ble_client:160]:   start_handle: 0x8  end_handle: 0xb
[10:25:34][I][ble_client:339]:  characteristic 0x2A05, handle 0xa, properties 0x20
[10:25:34][I][ble_client:159]: Service UUID: 0x180A
[10:25:34][I][ble_client:160]:   start_handle: 0xc  end_handle: 0x1e
[10:25:34][I][ble_client:339]:  characteristic 0x2A23, handle 0xe, properties 0x2
[10:25:34][I][ble_client:339]:  characteristic 0x2A24, handle 0x10, properties 0x2
[10:25:34][I][ble_client:339]:  characteristic 0x2A25, handle 0x12, properties 0x2
[10:25:34][I][ble_client:339]:  characteristic 0x2A26, handle 0x14, properties 0x2
[10:25:34][I][ble_client:339]:  characteristic 0x2A27, handle 0x16, properties 0x2
[10:25:34][I][ble_client:339]:  characteristic 0x2A28, handle 0x18, properties 0x2
[10:25:34][I][ble_client:339]:  characteristic 0x2A29, handle 0x1a, properties 0x2
[10:25:34][I][ble_client:339]:  characteristic 0x2A2A, handle 0x1c, properties 0x2
[10:25:34][I][ble_client:339]:  characteristic 0x2A50, handle 0x1e, properties 0x2
[10:25:34][I][ble_client:159]: Service UUID: 0xFFF0
[10:25:34][I][ble_client:160]:   start_handle: 0x1f  end_handle: 0xffff
[10:25:34][I][ble_client:339]:  characteristic 0xFFF1, handle 0x21, properties 0xa
[10:25:34][I][ble_client:339]:  characteristic 0xFFF2, handle 0x24, properties 0x2
[10:25:34][I][ble_client:339]:  characteristic 0xFFF3, handle 0x27, properties 0xa
[10:25:34][I][ble_client:339]:  characteristic 0xFFF4, handle 0x2a, properties 0x2
[10:25:34][I][ble_client:339]:  characteristic 0xFFF5, handle 0x2d, properties 0x2
[10:25:34][I][ble_client:339]:  characteristic 0xFFF6, handle 0x30, properties 0x10
[10:25:35][I][ble_client:339]:  characteristic 0xFFF7, handle 0x34, properties 0xa
[10:25:35][I][ble_client:339]:  characteristic 0xFFF8, handle 0x37, properties 0xa
[10:25:35][I][ble_client:339]:  characteristic 0xFFF9, handle 0x3a, properties 0x8

Could somebody point my in the right direction?

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@Dennis_D I can add it into OpenMQTTGateway if you are ready to do some testing.

Did you ever resolve this. I’m having similar issues

Just use the Passive BLE monitor integration. Works great

@1technophile : thanks but it’s supported now in esphome, sorry for the late reply.

@Seth_Greenstein: You can use Inkbird IBS-TH1, IBS-TH1 Mini, and IBS-TH2 BLE Sensor — ESPHome