Inkbird IBT-26S 5G - any luck?

not really I think




I think the conclusion is that the most advanced inkbird sucks.

I don’t think this is actually the IBT-26S, but a Tuya device, which somehow does have the same BT MAC address as the IBT-26S WiFi MAC - strange indeed.

But the previous messages from "id": "F4:60:77:A5:F3:BB" were definitely from the IBT-26S, as it also had it’s advertising name in some of them

For easily being able to decode temperatures from its (non-existant) advertising data, I agree :frowning:

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This one is really funny… I only registered to post this.

There seem to be two BLE chips on the device. I guess they just piggybacked the WIFI feature with a Tuya device? Anyone here wants to disassemble one?

Anyway, I used the following config to get a reading in HA based on an esphome esp32 gateway.

  - mac_address: 62:00:A1:XX:XX:XX #CHANGE MAC ADDRESS
    id: inkbird_ibt
  - platform: ble_client
    ble_client_id: inkbird_ibt
    name: "IBT-26S 5G Temperature 1"
    device_class: temperature
    icon: 'mdi:temperature-celsius'
    unit_of_measurement: '°C'
    accuracy_decimals: 1  
    service_uuid: 'ff00'
    characteristic_uuid: 'ff01'
    notify: true
    type: characteristic
    lambda: |-
        uint16_t raw_sensor_1 = (x[1] << 8) | x[0]; # the following sensors 2,3 ... are x[3]/x[2], x[5]/x[2]  ...
        return (raw_sensor_1 -  320)* (5.0/90.0); # convert to celsius from decigrade fahrenheit