Inklay display - HA?

Just found this product which looks slick and nice.

Anyone has any experience integrating it with HA (esphome for instance)?

Would be nice to be able to use it as dashboard :slight_smile:

If you are going to use ESP-Home then it can’t be battery powered (at least not for long).
So going with cable, what’s the difference between this e-ink display and any other e-ink display? It has a frame, that’s it.

Did a quick google search and found this:

Waveshare 7.5Inch E-Papier Bescherming Case, Voor E-Papier Ruwe Panel - AliExpress

Nevermind, noticed now that it’s just the case… But with the screen it’s still about 1/3 of the price.

It has a frame, obviously not as good looking but it’s also 1/30 of the price but I believe it integrates nicely in ESP-Home since there seems to be support for 7.5 inch screens.
Waveshare E-Paper Display — ESPHome

Yes, I’m aware of that, for custom project (via ESPHome like) is this display too much expensive, but if it can be used as kiosk mode or via VNC should be great since it has nice resolution.

It says it can display any website. The HA frontend is a website.

So there is no problem.

Other than the stupidly high price.

Can be a challange to get HA dasboard on and working without input method, except if it can be modified (logins…) via mobile app on phone

Trusted networks requires no login.

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I tried using kiosk mode and Lovelace Kindle Screensaver with EPaper-Tags, which is fiddly but worked. I was finally limited by the EPaper-Tags only having three colors (red, white, and black), but this doesn’t seem to be the case here.

Even with a tiny battery having it updated regularly never is a problem. Having three AAA could give you a long run. But the information is very scarce on that website.

I agree, the price is quite hefty plus it only ships in Switzlerland. But is that real wood? :wink:

Thanks @tom_l and @four2six for another use of e-paper display.

I contacted the creator and it seems it’s like one man project and with limited stock. Shippment could be resolved via package (mail) forwarding company (it’s 25 CHF to deliver package to Slovenia). But haven’t found out about the app on phone - couldn’t find it in google store.