Inkplate 6 esphome display image from web - examples?

Hi friends - I’ve got an inkplate 6v2 which I’m trying to use to display web images (specifically sibbl’s kindle lovelace screensaver screenshots). I’ve played with using ardunio IDE to little avail, and trying to explore whether esphome could assist. I’m a pretty rubbish programmer so generally trying to assemble code from existing examples.

Using ardunio, there are code snippets using display.drawimage (3.2. Inkplate Arduino — Inkplate docs documentation).

There is a bit of sample code via esphome documentation for inkplate (Inkplate 6, 10 and 6 Plus — ESPHome) but doesn’t include anything on drawing an image (either from SD card or web).

Has anyone had luck playing with this? Any sample code folks would be willing to share? :pray:

I overhauled the dashboard snspshotter/renderer add-on and the homeplate firmware to make it more simple to work with inkplate6color and inkplate2 (as well as 10).


They are a little simpler to use. The screenshot add-on is much simpler for an environment with multiple inkplate.

The firmware for the inkplate is also simpler and more uses the inkplate supported draw image from web. It still needs flashing directly (not as simple as using Esphome – which probably should be the target for a truly simple experience; you might be able to lift my code/example in to esphome).

I hope those help.


is this great! Ive just ordered in Inkplate color…Im assuming I just need to select env:inkplate6color and then fill in the selections on the config.h?

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Yes, that will get your inkplate6color firmware loaded and able to load the URL dashboard you configure.

If you want to make it load arbitrary URLs (i.e. load a different dash at different times) then you can setup mqtt and use this commands.

For creating one or more dashboard images you need to separately add the add-on and configure that also.

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Hey, So Ive got mine up and running. Thanks!

Should the display update every 20mins? Or should I do this by home assistant and mqtt? also I saw in the original version
// Displays the time from the RTC whenever a new image is loaded

I added the line, but it didn’t work, do I need to had something else where?

thanks again


I have just been doing images by mqtt (a lot more flexible).

There is some refresh/timeout setting also (but that value isn’t it - that is inkplate 10 specific where the e-ink page refresh is much quicker (because of partial updates).

Thanks for your reply,

Im in the Uk, im assuming I should set the time zone to UK?

would you mind sharing your automation for refreshing the screen?

I cut out a lot of that stuff for the Inkplate6color so it probably isn’t supported and you won’t get time from the inkplate.

I did put time on my dashboard though.

I’ll share my automation and my dashboards when I get back to a computer (I’m in Australia and school holidays have me away from home/computer until mid next week).

Cool, no worries! Sorry to bother you on your holidays.