Inkplate 6 Plus e-ink screen ... with touchscreen!

Wondering if anyone has experience with a project like this.

This device has an onboard ESP32 and looks to be a tinkerer’s playground but I’m intimidated by the software side of things. It’s fully supported with an Arduino library, which I’ve not explored yet, but I know I want to use this with HA – with touch.

I’ve been thinking the first path I’ll try is one talked about by digitalurban, using node.js and puppeteer (on my HA box, a Blue) to fetch a specific Lovelace dashboard and save it as a screenshot. The screenshot will be served up by http via Node Express (perhaps?)

So then it’ll be a matter of exploring e-radionica’s Arduino library for all the bits needed to fetch the screenshot image and display it.

Phase two will be to see if I can create Arduino code to break the screen up into sections, and fetch a different screenshot for each section.

Phase three would be to work out a way to set up touch zones and use MQTT to feed the touches back to HA - my lack of programming skills means it would be a very statically driven affair, manually reconfigured every time I want to rearrange a dashboard.

Thoughts?? I find lots and lots of info on displaying HA data on e-ink screens, but nothing on incorporating touchscreen to this as well.

Using ESPHome isn’t an option for you?

Possibly? I’m not sure I want to develop a front end using lambdas, I’m terrible at writing code. I’ve seen several projects using lambdas to display basic icons and text but I’m hoping for something much prettier and I don’t see myself writing graphics/HTTP routines in lambdas. Or am I thinking the wrong way?