Inkscape - My floorplan seems too "heavy" for android-devices?

Started to make a floorplan (nothing too fancy I think…). Made one with an online program. Took that into paint and fixed some small things that I couldn’t get rid of online.

After that I made the picture with a transparant background and saved it as an PNG. Everything fine. Put it in Inkscape and put some lightbulbs on etc… All looked ok to start off, and on the PC everything works flaweless.

But on both my smartphone and also on my tablet it works very bad. I have to push like 5-10 times to switch a light on/off. When I put my “old” floorplan in HA again (just black/white, very plain…) it works great on everything…

So I think it might be some settings I have to change in Inkscape, but I’m lost at this moment.