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Innr bulbs - anyone using them?


Is anyone using innr bulbs with a hue hub?

I have added them using the hue app, and they work great - however…

If I set the bulb to lets say 10% it will flash bright then settle on 10%.

It seems that ant command makes the bulb flicker at 100% then settle to whatever brightness you have chosen.

Link to the bulbs I’m using:


Hey, I’ve got 8 Innr GU10 Spots in the Kitchen that also do this… connected to a Hue hub just like yours. Did you ever find a solution to this?


No, not yet.

It doesn’t seem that many people use them, though I could be wrong.

I also have no idea who I would talk to to get an official look at this issue. I’m guessing it is a home assistant issue as hue plays nicely with the bulbs.


wow - there really aren’t many people using these judging by the response!


I just bought innr bulbs as a replacement for Hue lights (3 broken bulbs after 3 years with about 10-14k hours use :unamused:)
Hue app works fine, iConnectHue works fine, manuall curl on the Hue API works fine, HA goes crazy :cry:


I have some innr bulbs with deconz they work fine. I only got shades of white, not colour though.


Mine are also just the white bulbs.


Alright guys, this is a solution that works for me:
It seems that alerts and effects are not supported by the innr bulbs. So I copied the hue component in custom_components in my config folder and just commented out the lines for alerts and effects support in the light.py.
Just the quick and dirty method but works for me, since I don’t care to loose the alert and effect function in general.
I guess it’s a good starting point to further develop the idea and maybe commit to the HA project