Innr bulbs change 100% brightness before settling on actual brightness when using HomeKit

I have some Innr light bulbs connected to a Hue bridge and exposed to Homekit through Home Assistant. When I control an Innr light using the Hue app the light correctly adjusts colour or brightness, much the same as an actual Hue bulb. But when adjusting the light using Apple’s Home app the light first goes to 100% brightness before settling on asked-for brightness. This manifests as a fairly rapid flash from the light.

Has anyone come across this problem and know if there is a solution?

The homekit part of my configuration looks like this:

  ip_address: ''
      - light
      - media_player
      - switch
      - light.bathroom_innr
      - light.stairs
      - light.kitchen_ceiling_strip
        - feature: on_off
      type: outlet

Same here. But for me, this behavior occur when I use them in my automations. Any help? :disappointed:

I have a couple of innr bulbs too that do the same.

I have them linked to a hue dimmer (within hassio) and if I set the bulb to lets say 10% it will flash bright then settle on 10%.

It works perfectly in the Hue app though.

I have the same problem and it looks like there’s no solution for this yet.
The problem seems to be in third party bulbs with zigbee 3.0 firmware in combination with Home Assistant.

Same here. I equipped my whole house with innr bulbs as they are much cheaper than original Hues.

I only operate Philips Hue bulbs in the living room as I use Hue Entertainment there.

There is one way to set the bulbs through home assistant without flashing: Directly activate a scene on the bridge.

Even if I turn the bulbs off through Home Assistant, they flash first. This is really annoying :frowning:

No HomeKit involved in my setup.

A fix for the flashing issue was introduced in 0.104.0 but the problem persists if your Innr bulb is part of a group. A workaround is posted in another thread

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Thank you :slight_smile: But I think I will rather live with the blinking as I don’t want to mess with the .py file or use HA groups. I find using Hue groups through HA very comfortable and like to manage the groups through the Hue App. I mostly use Hue groups and scenes triggered by HA and in that case there is no blink, only when I talk to the bulbs directly with HA.

Will just live with it and by Tradfri or Osram bulbs when I add some, insteaf of innr.