Innr Bulbs (Zigbee with DeConz- Lag before state change to 'unavailable' when power removed

TLDR: As per title, i want to trigger actions if bulbs are either powered up, or power cycled via mains switch, however it takes ages for the states of the bulbs to change from on/off to ‘unavailable’ for this to work. Is there any workaround for this?

The longer version:
Hi there, I’m running a number of Innr bulbs (Zigbee through Conbee and DeConz) which default to last known level if power is cycled via mains switch.

In this case4x GU10s in a bathroom. Normally, the switch would be left ‘on’, and automations run the bulbs at different brightness’s during the night.

However, if there’s a need to turn them on during the day (it’s a darkish room), or made brighter at night, I’d like to set things up so if they are power cycled via the switch, the brightness goes to set levels dependant on time of day. This allows guests (and or sleepy me) to fire the lights up without finding phone, talking at google etc.

I’ve started to put together something to do this in Node Red, thinking it would be a simple case of looking for a change of state from ‘unavailable’ to ‘on’, but I’m watching the states and there’s a significant lag before the bulbs show as ‘unavailable’ (several minutes!). This makes it unworkable as essentially it doesn’t detect power cycling the switch.

Any ideas or alternatives?

Thank you in advance!

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