Innr led strip not detected by Conbee II - worked in the past

I have 4 led strips - Innr FL 140 C - that worked well until yesterday. Yesterday I fixed an IKEA button by adding it as a switch in the Phoscon interface. But I did the reset not correct, so it didn’t pick up the IKEA, but instead… a led strip started flickering (as it was detected). I tried again (not really realising the impact) and in the end 3 innr strips were unavailable, only 1 still working.

I removed the 3 led strips as lights, then tried to add them again as light: paperclip in the reset hole (innr cycles through different colours = ready to pair), searched for light in the Phoscon interface, but the light doesn’t get detected anymore. I also tried adding it as a switch (type: Other), no succes either.

I looked in the Deconz interface to see if any strange nodes are there, but nothing there. I’m out if ideas what to try next. Do you guys have some brillant thoughts?