Innr RB 265 bulbs recognized by deCONZ integration, but not by ZHA

Recently bought some Innr Zigbee bulbs (RB 265) and tried to integrate them in Home Assistant. I have HA Core on Docker, 2021.1.0, running on a RPI4B 4GB with Raspee II add-on module.

I used the ZHA integration, but it was unable to discover the bulbs for pairing, no entries in the log file. Then, I stopped HA, started a deCONZ Docker container and used it to pair the Innr bulbs. It worked flawless.

How come a device is recognized by one integration, but not by a second one, even when using the same adapter? And - since I would like to return to ZHA - can I use device information from deCONZ to support integration in ZHA?

Btw: Officially the device is neither supported by ZHA nor deCONZ, according to