Innr RB 285 C bulbs not connecting anymore

Issue started arising after I tried to connect a Philips Hue Tap Dial to my network.
It prefered to pair directly with one of my innr lamps.
So now I removed the battery from said device and it’s also removed from my ZHA network as device.

Since one of my innr bulbs didn’t respond to the commands anymore I removed both of the ones I have from the ZHA network.
I am searching for devices.
As the innr manual says, I reset the bulbs switching them on for 5s, then off/on 6x for 0.5s each.
However, the maximum Home Assistant achieves is “Starting interview”. Also the bulbs are color cycling each time they are powered.

Any ideas? They have been working all the time up to now. I am getting really frustrated with Home Assistant.