Innr SP 120 reporting wrong summation delivered

Hi all,

I have decided today to start using the Energy dashboard in HomeAssistant (2023.2.5) and added among others two Innr SP 120 power switches. One is connected to a Samsung TV and the other one is connected to a Cable Modem.
Along the years I have been observing the power delivered to these two devices which is about 250W (when fully powered) for the TV and about 11W for the cable modem.
However today the Energy dashboard has highlighted to me that these two devices are by far the highest consumers in the house (which is obviously wrong).

Looking with a bit more attention on the TV power switch I have found that the summation is wrong.
Here is an example.

During this 7h interval the TV was on for about 6h. The power consumption (W) was never above 250W. However the summation (kWh) has increased from 110,740 kWh to 110,865 kWh which is 125kWh.
It is not possible that the TV has consumed 125kWh in 6 hours, that would mean it needs 20.8kW to function.

Similarly, it applies to the Innr power switch in front of the Cable modem power supply (the AC-DC convertor has 20W) so it could not use, for example, today 19kWh.

Does anyone have such an Innr SP 120 reporting correctly the summation?
I would like to compare few of the attributes for example sw_build_id, mine reports 2.0.

Thank you