Innr SP 224 extra configuration entities

I have some Zigbee outlets model Innr SP 224 connected with ZHA. In Home Assistant they show a couple of extra entities I wasn’t expecting. These are not dimmable, they’re just simple on/off outlets. I’m curious about onlevelconfiguration, and startupcurrentlevelconfiguration. These appear as sliders from 0-255 and it sounds like they would have something to do with dimming, but they have no effect when I adjust them in HA.

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I’ve bought a light bulb the other day and it has the same options (that’s how I found this post, it’s the only thing that comes up when searching these names). This one to be precise.

By playing around, I’ve found that Onlevelconfiguration sets the brightness of the bulb when it’s turned on. Leaves me wondering why you have that option on an outlet?

For startupcurrentlevelconfiguration I don’t know either what it does, unfortunately. I could’nt get an effect when playing around with that either.

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