Inovelli 3-Way Switch, Z-Wave JS to MQTT settings

Noob here. I’m trying to set up two Inovelli On/Off red series switches to control a 3-way light. Node 1 controls the load. We’ll call the other switch “Node 2”.

Using the Z Wave JS to MQTT Web UI, I found Node 2 > Groups and added a new association:

Group: On/Off Control
Target Node: Node 1

Node 2 can now turn off the load, but once it’s off, Node 2 is no longer responsive at all. I can only turn on the load with Node 1. Is this a wiring issue, or am I setting the associations incorrectly?

Any help would be appreciated.

Check whether node 2 losing power altogether when/after the load is turned off (either by node 1 or 2).
If yes, it’s likely a wiring issue.

After the wiring issue is resolved, I would contact Inovelli support to set things up properly.

Maybe document everything and report back how you get everything done - this would help future users coming to this thread. :slight_smile: