Inovelli Blue brightness

Hey HA folks,

I have been moving all of my switches over from Insteon to Inovelli Blue switches (excellent switches BTW). I do have one quick question and this is probably an easy one.

Is there a way to have the switch turn on full brightness the next time the UP paddle is pressed regardless of what the brightness level was when it was turned off?

I am wanting to use this in my home theatre room and it would be night to have the switch turn on the lights full brightness when we walk into the room, but then we can manually or remotely dim the lights when the movie starts and then if we leave the room and turn off the lights, I would like the lights to come up full brightness if we re-enter the room. Make sense?

My setup:

Yellow Box running Zigbee MQTT Broker.



Yes; there is. In the user manual under “Advanced Features” → “Switch Parameters” you’ll find a link to the device’s parameters. You’re looking for parameter 13 (and you may also be interested in 14).

13 Default Dim Level (Local) 0-255 255 1 2.00+
14 Default Dim Level (Remote) 0-255 255 1 2.00+

I’m also going to add a shameless plug for my script to manage the LED bar colors and effects. :slight_smile: Maybe you’ll find it useful.

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