Inovelli Dimmer, Switch, Fan Combo LED notification script

Open your Home Assistant instance and show the blueprint import dialog with a specific blueprint pre-filled.

I have finally been able to convert my Inovelli Z-Wave Red Series Notification LED script into a blueprint script! Unlike my original script this blueprint will allow you to create a script to apply one specific LED notification to a Inovelli device. Which means you will have to use the blueprint to create scripts for each notification effect for each device. Despite this shortcoming, hopefully this opens this feature up to many more users!

Thanks to @jmiheve and @kreene1987 for the push to give this another try. The complexity of this script made it difficult and I gave up the first time.


I decided to optimize this code to remove the deprecated integrations (zwave + ozw). The code should run faster and be easier to maintain long term. Further, I am unable to test with ozw + zwave so I don’t even know if that code still functions or not.

According to the current Z-Wave integration counts (from Home Assistant Analytics) there are 12,274 total Z-Wave integrations in use. Of those 10.3% of those integrations are using one of the two deprecated integrations.

Z-Wave installations

Integration Installations Percent
Z-Wave JS 11,008 89.7%
Z-Wave (deprecated) 974 7.9%
OpenZWave (deprecated) 292 2.4%
Total 12,274
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Thanks!!! I’m excited!

Oh and, just to double check, I see Inovelli has a couple of switches under the “Red series” line. Do they all work with this blueprint, as the title suggested?
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I can only confirm for sure that it works with the dimmer. But the code does account for the difference in the effects calculations between the devices.

HA noob here, sorry if this is a dumb question.

Like you, I want to use this to provide a visual indicator that the front door is unlocked. What’s the best way to return the LED to “default” once the notification condition changes (door has been locked)?

Set the effect to “Off” and and the code should clear the previous notification lights.

Hello @BrianHanifin, thank you for sharing this blueprint. I recently bought a bunch of Inovelli’s Red Series 2-1 Dimmers (VZW31-SN) and unfortunately this blueprint is not compatible with them. After a good amount of fiddling, I was able to create notifications using the following YAML in an automation:

service: zwave_js.bulk_set_partial_config_parameters
  device_id: 8d214e403d7e15973c721637a8e3c1a1
  parameter: 99
    255: 10 #duration
    4278190080: 5 #effect
    16711680: 190 #color
    65280: 100 #brightness level

The difference here is in the Value dictionary. Instead of doing the “Inovelli Math”, you apply each separate value to the keys separately. I took the numbers from the Zwave-JS UI config screen here:

Some values appear to be the same, while others are different from those in your blueprint. The Time and Brightness (level) are the same.


0 = Red (Default)
7 = Orange
28 = Lemon
64 = Lime
85 = Green
106 = Teal
127 = Cyan
148 = Aqua
170 = Blue
190 = Violet
212 = Magenta
234 = Pink
255 = White

Note: the original number values in your blueprint DO work, but for instance, 7 looks much more orange while 21 looks more yellow. This part isnt very important, it could be that these use a different LED, or maybe this is just the Jwave-JS developers color interpretations.


0 = Off
1 = Solid
2 = Fast Blink
3 = Slow Blink
4 = Pulse
5 = Chase
6 = Open/Close
7 = Small to Big
8 = Aurora
9 = Slow fall
10 = Medium Fall
11 = Fast Fall
12 = Slow Rise
13 = Medium Rise
14 = Fast Rise
15 = Medium Blink
16 = Slow Chase
17 = Fast Chase
18 = Fast Siren
19 = Slow Siren
255 = Clear

I have never done any work with blueprints in HA, so I am of little help when it comes to implementing this into a working blueprint. If someone was able to update the blueprint with changes for the 800 series Red Series 2-1 Dimmers (VZW31-SN) I would be happy to test it out, but for now I am just happy to have notifications working at all. Hopefully this helps someone else. :beers: